How to Make Workflow Automation Work for You

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Minimising time spent on repetitive manual tasks is key to staying ahead for many businesses. Over the past two years, businesses that automated their workflows saw their revenue grow by 15% — that’s twice the speed of businesses that didn’t. And with this trend expected to accelerate, it’s something a lot of businesses need to address to stay on top.

Our guide explores how streamlining and digitising manual processes can help businesses like yours do just that — all while saving time and money

Here’s Our Guide to Automating Your Workflows

In a few pages, we’ll take you through the key stages you need to consider when deciding when and where to begin automating.

Simply fill out the form to download your copy, and see how you can identify manual processes and implement efficient digital processes.

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We offer a wide variety of tools and services to help your business reap the full benefits of Workflow Automation. No matter where you are, the Experts can help you implement and integrate them into your everyday—and are always around to provide support when you need it.

It was ironic that a company building rockets had manual operations.

We helped them go from processing 700 invoices a week to 7,000.

Greg (pictured) has been a Xerox® SMB Expert for 18 years. His expertise spans a wide range of industries, from local government to aerospace.
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How Can You Automate Your Business?

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When you team up with an Expert, you get far more than expertise. You get an exceptional partner, a trusted adviser and an optimistic problem solver who’s as committed to your goals as you are. Whether it’s over the phone, a check-in text or a virtual cup of coffee, our Experts are excited to get to know you, learn all about your business, and work with you to achieve goals of all sizes.


I’m very in tune with my IT clients. When I set up a meeting, I’m interested in what they’re doing and we create a relationship.

A Xerox SMB Expert for 10 years specialising in healthcare and law firms.

Create a Relationship


We come in with open ears and try to get a clear idea of what our clients are going through on a day-to-day basis.

A Xerox SMB Expert specialising in transforming small business workplaces.

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When we meet a new client, one of the things we establish immediately is their personal and professional goals. Part of my own discovery is learning about them

A proud Xerox SMB Expert for over 18 years.

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Case Studies

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